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Founded in 1999, Webideas Partners has started, organized, grown, built, financed, incubated, produced, developed, launched, managed, merged, expanded, taken public on US Stock Market and has had seats on the Board of Directors of over 40 companies.  And along the way - inspired, motivated, infused and promoted people that made those companies.  Investing in start-up's is never a short journey - WebIdeas Partners stays engaged from the beginning to the point of success    

It's President, Founder & Chairman - Chase D. Fonteno, a serial entrepreneur,  has built over 65 companies and learned what it takes to be successful and where to avoid pitfalls.  He also knows success is not by one person, but, by a team that works together for success.  WebIdeas Partners seeks amazing individuals to be a part of the teams that make up the employees of the projects they develop and invest in.  And extraordinary investors that work well in the start - up environment.

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